Welcome to the Moorestown High School / Middle School Sports Online Registration












All athletes, parents and/or guardians must follow the process below to register for sports participation.


Electronic Signature (ES) Needed

1. Head Injury Concussion Education Sign-off (ES needed)
2. Cognitive Testing & Return to Play Protocols Sign Off - (ES needed)
3. Cardiac Education Sign-Off - (ES needed)
4. Consent to Random Drug & Steroid Testing / Policy & List of Banned Substances Sign-off - (ES needed)
5. Advised Consent Form Sign-off (ES needed)
6. Asthma Awareness Questionnaire - (ES needed)
7. Electronic Signature - (ES needed)
8. Sports-Related Eye Injuries - (ES needed)


Hard Copy Submissions

Physical And Health History Update forms must be completed and submitted to the Nurses Office in order for a child to be cleared for sports participation.